Photo Gallery: Wildlife from Manu Rainforest


In the remote rainforest of south-eastern Peru, where the Andean Mountains meets the lowland Amazon, you will find the world's top biodiversity hotspot...

Welcome to Manu. 

Home to rare wildlife that's found nowhere else on Earth, the rainforest of Manu harbours secretive and elusive species that we are only just discovering. 

Our team have been exploring this remote region for several years to discover more about its wild creatures. As we prepare to set out on a film expedition to the region, at a point of drastic change for Manu's nature and culture, here is a snapshot of the amazing wildlife we're about to encounter...

All images © Eilidh Munro and Bethan John

When you live surrounded by the hum of a tropical forest, like our team has been lucky enough to experience while working in Manu, you get extremely attached to the wild creatures on your doorstep - from the sloth who's nicknamed Gavina and calls desperately for a mate while you're tucking into your breakfast each morning, to the bulging-eyed tree frogs that you meet most nights when trying to have some private toilet time. There is no privacy in the jungle!

Life may seem abundant here but sadly even though Manu is a Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the wildlife is threatened by illegal logging and hunting, with many endangered and endemic species on the edge of extinction. Deforestation in the region is driven by local people; there are few job opportunities in Manu and impoverished communities rely on slash-and-burn farming and illegal gold mining to make a living. 

But there is still hope. 

Scientists working in Manu have proven that if a parcel of degraded rainforest is protected from logging and hunting, then 87% of biodiversity can return

How to balance the environmental, economic and social needs within Manu is hugely challenging. Finding solutions is what our film expedition is all about... 

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