Oh, itison, it is so on...

We're so grateful to the itison.com team for their incredibly generous sponsorship and support for our expedition! 

The online start-up offers quality deals across Scotland, Newcastle and Manchester and has never been shy of brave business moves. From hooking up George Clooney to selling 200,000 meals for the homeless, itison.com are a class act and we're absolutely delighted that they're up for supporting our work.

... Other than the fact that every time we think about it we crave a 241 pizza deal (which is only going to get worse the further into the jungle we get, let's be honest). 

But on a serious note, anyone who has been involved in an expedition will know it's not always easy to raise funds, and sometimes it takes a person or a company who isn't afraid to go against the norm themselves to offer support. For that we are very grateful to the itison team, and we promise we'll pay you back in drool-worthy pizza photos when we get our desperate hands on them post-expedition. 

To see what itison has to offer in your local city visit: itison.com or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter