Crowdfunding a documentary: a huge THANK YOU to our new supporters

On May 2nd, we launched a crowdfunding campaign for our new documentary on environmental and indigenous rights in the Amazon.

Today, we’re announcing an exciting new partnership with international conservation organisation, IUCN NL, who have generously committed to match fund all donations.

Yes, you heard right! That means every donation so far has been DOUBLED.

More than that, IUCN NL have donated a further £3,445 of match funding.

This means that we have now received a massive £13,605. 

We are overwhelmed by this support and can not thank the IUCN NL enough for their generosity. IUCN NL are part of the the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network and we are huge admirers of their work.

We are also extremely grateful to all of you who have already donated, shared, and offered support - we could not have done this without you.

We have until May 28th,  just 9 days, to raise the remaining £1,420 to reach our target of £15,000 and we urge you to please consider investing in this project if you haven’t already.

Why this documentary?

We are passionate about this documentary. It's about a place that we've fallen in love with. A place of such diverse natural and cultural richness that we keep going back. Every time, we are greeted by wonders that never fail to amaze us.

Yet even in this remote corner of the Amazon, indigenous communities are suffering from systematic disempowerment that's forcing them to destroy the rainforest. They feel ignored and forgotten. They are desperate for change.

Our documentary aims to give them a voice for the first time. Please be a part of making that happen.

Why we need your support


This story needs to be told. To make sure that as many people as possible from across the world can hear the views of marginalised indigenous communities, we want to submit our film to international film festivals. The next step to making this happen is to lift the quality of the film to the standards being set by these events.

To do this we now need to partner with specialists, such as an editor and animator, plus work with voice over artists to protect the identities of our interviewees. But that all comes at a cost. Our partners are lined up to work on the film and we are waiting for your investment to be able to continue.

If you believe in the power of independent journalism, the need to tell the real stories that are affecting people and our planet, and want to support films that seek solutions, then please check out our crowdfunder today.

What we've done so far

Test+tree+(1+of+1) (1).jpg

We’ve completed the expedition, we’ve unearthed the stories, and now it’s time to launch the full documentary.

Over a year in the making, we're extremely excited to be at crunch point - this crowdfunder will enable us to collaborate with specialists to create an expertly produced documentary.

It’s been a wonderful, action-packed journey to get to this point. Here are a few highlights so far:

  • Receiving the Neville Shulman Film Award 2018 through the Scientific Exploration Society. This crucial grant funded our expedition and equipment, without which this documentary could not have been possible;

  • Spending 40 days travelling through the remote jungle and living in native communities, where we filmed over 50 interviews;

  • Partnering with the world’s leading conservation news site, Mongabay, to release a breaking-news video, which has been viewed over 200k times.

The story is now written and the rough cut of the documentary is complete. Our teeny-weeny team of three have come a long way with the funding we have been given, and we now need to take this project to the next crucial step - we hope you’ll come along with us!

For more details about what your investment will achieve and to view the exciting prizes available to you, please check out our crowdfunder.

Don't forget to spread the word on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We need your support to shout about the environmental and social injustice happening in the Amazon.

Thank you so much for your support.