Crowdfunder Rewards: Print Photographs

Thank you for investing in our film! If your reward includes a print photograph then please select the one you would like below, then email us with the number of the photograph you would like, which pledge you made on our crowdfunder page, your name and shipping address:

All prints will be printed 10”x8”, signed and numbered, and will come with a white border.

If you have seen any photographs on our film’s Instagram account or on our personal pages (from Peru and beyond!) that you would like instead of one of the below options, or additionally (at an extra cost), then please get in touch to find out if they are available! (Please note that not all images on our personal account will be available).

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1. Mist in Madre de Dios

2. Banana truck in colour

3. Rain drops

4. Crescent moon

5. Clouds like cotton

6. Peke-peke boats

7. Sun through the canopy

9. Love in nature

6. Patterns in nature

8. Volleyball in the Native Community of Shipetiari

10. Moths hiding