The Team

We are a team of three British-Peruvian women - a journalist, filmmaker and scientist - who are embarking on a film expedition to this remote corner of Peru’s Amazon rainforest.


Eilidh Munro, filmmaker

Eilidh is just back from working as a filmmaker and photographer in the remote Peruvian Amazon, capturing rare animal behaviour and footage of a species new to science. With the kind of tenacity that you need to continue trekking through the jungle looking for spider monkeys after 40 days of unsuccessful wildlife filming, Eilidh is dedicated and passionate about telling conservation stories.

Alongside teammate Bethan, she co-created and ran the Crees Foundation’s first Multimedia Internship, an educational training programme teaching courses in photography, filming, writing and conservation communications.

Before moving to the Amazon, Eilidh worked in an entirely different kind of jungle: the world of advertising. By running the marketing for one of the UK’s leading agencies, she learned a range of skills which she uses every day - in the field or the editing room - from leadership, to storytelling and strategic planning.

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Bethan John, environmental journalist

Specialising in biodiversity conservation and social justice, Bethan is interested in uniting creatives and conservationists to produce compelling stories that uncover solutions to some of the world’s most challenging environmental problems.

Since 2012, she has been working alongside conservationists in-the-field to better understand and communicate the complex social, economic and environmental issues facing communities living in some of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Committed to training the next generation of conservation communicators, in 2017 Bethan created and co-ran a Multimedia Internship at a field research station in the remote Peruvian Amazon in collaboration with teammate Eilidh. This experiential education programme provides workshops in writing, photography and videography, as well as career development for young adults wishing to break into the competitive media industry.  

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Jennifer Serrano Rojas, Biologist

No stranger to expeditions or gruelling fieldwork, Jenni was part of the research team that discovered a species new to science in the remote Peruvian Amazon, gaining international media exposure for her scientific paper describing the species.

She has also been an integral member of  Tree Top Manu, one of the largest arboreal camera trap projects in the world, revealing new knowledge on the secretive lives of rare and cryptic rainforest wildlife.

Due to her specialist knowledge, Jenni has been the go-to scientific expert and guide for many high profile media expeditions, including commissions by the BBC and National Geographic.

Jenni has been at the forefront of pioneering research in Peru for several years, with her determination and hard work proving that even as a recent Masters student in a competitive male-dominated sector she has the skills to succeed.

Having worked in the Manu region for many years and specifically in collaboration with local communities, Jenni has the knowledge and cultural awareness needed to make this expedition a success.

Follow Jenni’s work on Twitter @JenniFrog25